7 Days Series “Breakfast Edition”

Hey lovelies
How we all doing? It really is a time of uncertainty,

Alas, I’ve a great sense of ” we are all in this together ”

My advice, Just before we all dash to the shops this weekend,  would be to take a breath and have a look at what you have in the fridge and cupboard and see if you can make do with what you have in.
Then make a meal plan for the week, pick a day during the week to go, and please try not to panic buy or stockpile x
I’ve come up with a series of posts that might be able to help over the coming weeks too.

Its called “The 7 day Series”

I’m going to start with a week full of simple easy Breakfast Ideas and a shopping list to make life easier. This  is filled with store cupboard staples. Meaning you may not even have to venture to the shops just yet.
(You can download or screenshot both below)
This series to make life easier when you’re doing your one weekly shopping trip.
If you, ve always fancied making your own bread, now is as good a time as any.

The ingredients of My easy soda bread is included on the shopping list too x

I will also be posting lunch ideas and dinners in the series, so watch this space
Be sure to let me know if it helps you this week x
Stay Safe, remember this too shall pass x

Jolene and lils x x

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