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“Mam” what’s for dinner? how many times do we hear that in a week? 7 days of 7 dinners came to me with that in mind. Recipes that have been all tried and tested and given the thumbs up by you guys.  I was thinking it would be handy for  to have some of them all in one post, ( print them off and stick them on the fridge.) These dinners are light on the purse strings and so easy to cook. But best of all the whole family will love them

(to get each recipe just click on each photo or recipe title and you will be directed to it) 

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We had a pretty enjoyable  weekend here.

A good indication of that was “lils “knock knock joke she made up this morning. It went a bit like this…

knock knock..

who’s there?


glasses who? …. “mammys big glasses of wine”…  (3-year-olds, they would hang you I tell yee)

I was drinking coffee at the time 🙂

1. Beef goulash, (for under a tenner) 

This is such a simple dinner.. it basically cooks its self. All the ingredients can be bought in the local budget supermarket for under a tenner! The beef is so tender and it tastes really creamy (without cream). I’ve  also made this for a few get-togethers and friends are always shocked that’s so easy to cook and light on the purse strings, a win win if you ask me.

2, Turkey burgers 

This is a great one for the kiddies, big and small, they love the little bit of added sweetness with the apple, and the great thing is turkey mince is so low in fat and really great source of protein, honestly, if your thinking turkey burgers are bland try these, you will be surprised by how much flavour is in the finished burger.

3, Chicken curry in a hurry

I couldn’t have a 7 day 7 dinners post without it! Chicken curry in a hurry is my go-to recipe when I’m stuck, we all need an easy tasty curry up our sleeve and this is still hands down the most popular recipe on the blog. The kids adore it and it has dug me out of so many holes on the days when you just don’t have time to think of dinner. (i just stick the ingredients on the weekly shopping list.

4, Healthy Pot noodle 

This little dish is so handy, tasty and much healthier than the shop bought one. I’ve been told my version is becoming just as popular with students than the big green plastic pot! This is a great recipe to get the kids to help out with too.

5, Seaside crumble

if you’re trying to up the fish content in you, re household then you,ll have to give this one a lash. Its a big hit with my non-fish loving tribe, because the cod is really subtle in it. It’s also a great one to try if you’re trying to introduce fish to babies for the first time.

6, Sweet and sour pork

This is my classic fakeaway sweet and sour pork, it tastes exactly like the takeaway the only difference is it’s not ladled with msg,s or sugar. By using pork fillet means it’s really tender and juicy, but you can use chicken if you fancy.

7, homemade chicken pie

My homemade chicken pie is made in 4 easy steps and is quickly becoming another household favourite, I’m all about no-frills wholesome family food and this recipe is another one that is cooked almost every week.


and there you have it.. 7 dinners in 7 days, let us know which ones you have tried out and have been a hit with your guys x


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