Amellia,s 4 Ingredient scones

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Amellia Halley is another one of our 4 moderators in our home cooks Ireland Facebook group.

But she’s not only that, she is head cook and food writer on Irelands newest online magazine Your daily slice  

This is where she develops creates, writes and photographs all her own recipes.

The website  is a hub of activity and hotly becoming Irelands most popular online magazines, with new recipes, fiction stories, reviews and blog posts every day (I love it because it’s honest and the real deal)  you will find their facebook page here

Amelia first posted her  4 ingredients”Emergnency scone recipe to the group back in January and everyone has been raving about them since, so I thought it was a great one to share here with the community.

She calls these emergency scones because they have got her out of quite a few pickles! Unexpected guests? In-laws calling over? Request from the school to bake? Emergency scones to the rescue! They don’t have the same crumbly texture as a scone but a lovely spongy texture instead.

They make the house smell delicious and when they’re fresh out of the oven, the butter just melts and drizzles in all the right spots!


Makes: Around 12 scones


1 large pot of natural Greek-style yoghurt

1 large pot and a half of self-raising flour, using your empty yoghurt pot as your measure

300g raisins or sultanas

1 flat tsp of baking powder


Step 1:

Heat the oven to 180 degrees. Grab a large mixing bowl and tip the yoghurt into the bowl, scraping it all in.

Step 2:

Fill the pot back up one and a half times with the self raising flour and tip into the mixing bowl.

Step 3:

Add the raisins and sprinkle in the baking powder.

Step 4:

Mix it all together to form a dough. Tip: It’s a very wet dough, if it feels too wet feel free to add in a bit more flour.

Step 5:

Flour the worktop and very gently start rolling out the dough. Don’t be too precise here, a quick roll adding flour all the way. Cut out circles using a cookie cutter or a glass!

Step 6:

Place them onto a lined baking tray and pop them into the oven for about 15 minutes, checking them after 10. They should rise and be golden brown on the outside.

Step 7:

Sit down with a huge mug of tea and smother these bad boys in butter and jam, and take a well-earned break.

Buy a packet of ready-made fairy cakes and stick them in a Tupperware box for the school. Give your unexpected callers a questionable pack of custard creams. And sure, your mother in-law will probably bring biscuits anyway…!


This recipe was also  posted on your daily slice here

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  1. Tried them today and they didn’t turn out great 🙁 I needed to cook them for way longer than 15 mins and they didn’t really rise. I used 0% fat Greek yoghurt. Do you think this could have been the problem? Thanks

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