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 welcome come in and grab a bite to eat.  

Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I’m Jolene, (the redhead is lils) and this is our multi award-winning Irish parenting and food blog.

I started out as a live-in Nanny over 19 years ago feeding the families of Dublin wholesome tasty food on a budget.

My passions involve developing and creating easy, healthy, tasty recipes for the whole family.

I come from Fermanagh and now live in Dublin with my Hubs and 5-year-old daughter (Referred to Lils here).

As a “Homecook” when creating a recipe I Have a winning formula!.

It has to be Easy to cook,  with Accessible ingredients found in your local supermarket, Taste delicious with no faffing about.

Making real food for real families, without any hidden nasties or fancy ingredients that put the everyday cook off cooking – I know this as a busy mother myself!

Using everyday basic cooking equipment with no gadgets or gimmicks.

Enough with the food fads and food fashion.
Enough with the ingredients that no one can pronounce or even find in the shop.
Enough with the hipsters telling us what to eat!
I believe in wholesome food that is easy to cook that the whole family will eat!

The Now We’re cooking Programme

Since the release of my cookbook, I have been working tirelessly in the background on a project that has always been the drive and focus behind me doing any of this; the blog, the book, the social media. The main reason I started all of it in the first place:

I want to make a difference. I want to help tackle the crisis of childhood obesitiy.

Childhood obesity is associated with a wide range of serious health complications when children become older, and is also associated with the premature onset of illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease.

So without bold strategic action – addressing both the rapid rise in obesity rates and the widening obesity gap between poor and rich children – most obese children will continue to be obese when they become adults.
There I’ve said it! Such a huge crisis to tackle, isn’t it?

When I first started researching this, I discovered that it was one of the biggest threats to the health of our Nation. And this epidemic is particularly prevalent in the disadvantaged areas of Ireland.

Studies from Safefood Ireland estimate that 85,000 children currently living in Ireland will die prematurely due to obesity and being overweight.
When you sit and digest these figures it’s just staggering. For the past week, I’ve been listening to radio interviews, debates and reading articles about a recent study that has revealed that mothers are no longer cooking with their children.

My blood was boiling as I listened intently to the righteous voices of educated people simply blaming the parents, finger-pointing and saying, “It’s just basic laziness”!

How could they possibly think that an epidemic so huge can be helped by piling blame and more guilt onto parents?
I have researched extensively the main initiatives in Ireland for improved health and well-being. They contain daily food guides, they promote the food pyramid on leaflets. To me, this is laziness; so ineffective. They are not thinking of how to tackle this problem on a bigger scale. They just bombard us with more information on diet and exercise, stuff that we already know.

The heart of the issue is that the majority of parents no longer have the skills to cook a balanced meal at home.
We have a whole generation of parents that have been brought up on convenience food. And honestly, this is through no fault of their own. The advertising trends of the 80’s and 90’s were instant potato and noodles in pots.

“Look, just add boiling water and dinner is made!” No effort required whatsoever, you can just sit in front of the telly and eat. And the TV dinner was born…

I hate the blame game.

I hate the guilt that is piled onto parents.

I have never met a parent who doesn’t want to feed their family well. It’s just knowing how to do it, knowing where to start. I want to get in there and actually do something productive. Enough with wasting money on handing out leaflets of the food pyramid!

So I have developed a 6-week cookery programme to teach parents in a non-judgemental, hands-on, relaxed environment how to budget, meal plan and make Family Food Easy.
I will initiate my programme by giving parents the choice of what they would like to learn to cook from my own cookbook; 105 easy recipes to choose from, the ingredients of which can be purchased in any local budget supermarket. At the end of the programme, the parents will have a healthy, budget-friendly meal plan that they can cook for their family at home.

I am passionate about teaching my programme to all groups of parents and To give them the skills they need to cook healthy family food.

The idea that cooking from scratch takes more time and is more expensive than convenience food is a myth. My Chicken Curry in a Hurry costs €2 per portion and is cooked in just 40 minutes, the very same time it takes to cook a frozen pizza.

Teaching a person a life skill is not only about the skill, it is also about the confidence and well-being that that person feels when they achieve it. Just imagine how these parents are going to feel when they cook a meal from scratch for the first time and taste how good it is. And then being able to do that for their own family at home…

I have worked endlessly over the past few months to get this programme off the ground. I have gone to the Government, the ETB, the local County Councils and all I’ve been met with is, “We will put your idea on file”.

I’ve been like an enthusiastic fly buzzing in their ears only to be swatted away at every turn. It has been so deflating and yes, I’ve felt like walking away many times. I’m only one person, can I really do it on my own?

But the thing is, I believe in this too much to walk away.
At the beginning of March, I applied to be part of the Academy for Social Entrepreneurs Ireland. These guys support high-potential social entrepreneurs to tackle Ireland’s social problems by investing and connecting us to Ireland’s leading business people and experts to help achieve maximum social impact.

Out of 204 applications, I made it through (with 29 others) to their Bootcamp. I still have a lot of hurdles to cross, I may even fall at the first, but I will work my absolute hardest to get this programme over the line.

Girlies, this is one of the most important blog posts I have ever written. Your support and belief in me has always meant the world to me! I know I am not one woman on my own, I have always had you guys shouting from the sidelines, cheering me on.

I will continue to drive forward with the passion and belief that “Now we’re cooking” carries the important message that healthy, family cooking is essential for future generations to come.

“Give a family food and they will eat for a day; teach a family to cook and they will eat for a lifetime” – Jolene Cox, 2019.



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