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Hey, guys, welcome come in and grab a bite to eat.  

Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I’m Jolene, (the redhead is lils) and this is our multi award-winning Irish parenting and food blog.

I started out as a live-in Nanny over 17 years ago feeding the families of Dublin wholesome tasty food on a budget.

My passions involve developing and creating easy, healthy, tasty recipes for the whole family.

I come from Fermanagh and now live in Dublin with my Hubs and 4-year-old daughter (Referred to Lils here).

As a “Homecook” when creating a recipe I Have a winning formula!.

It has to be Easy to cook,  with Accessible ingredients found in your local supermarket, Taste delicious with no faffing about.

Making real food for real families, without any hidden nasties or fancy ingredients that put the everyday cook off cooking – I know this as a busy mother myself!

Using everyday basic cooking equipment with no gadgets or gimmicks.

Enough with the food fads and food fashion.
Enough with the ingredients that no one can pronounce or even find in the shop.
Enough with the hipsters telling us what to eat!
I believe in wholesome food that is easy to cook that the whole family will eat!

I have a great enthusiasm for “kids in the Kitchen”. Cooking with children gives them a huge sense of worth, building self-esteem and pride in themselves. One of my favourite quotes is

 “happiness is children eating their food no matter what…”

 All recipes and photos are my own creations.

If you would like to get in touch you can contact me here  

One yummy mummy “family food made Easy” is due for publication in September 2018

You can pre-order here 



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