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Hey I’m Jolene, I am not a foodie or a chef,

I am a “mummy cook” who is passionate about food. A feeder, In the nicest possible way.

This my blog of  recipes and ideas, on feeding families good food on a budget. I have worked with children all my working life, and now have a little girl of my own. (referred to as yum),  slimming world enthusiast, with a love of red wine (the slimming world counteracts the wine.. yeah?) 

I feel as Parents, we are all so busy, running around trying to do everything and sometimes getting nothing done. My aim for this blog is to make cooking from scratch as quick and easy as possible!  Without a fancy kitchen gadget in sight. There will be lots of tips along the way and the best thing is everything can be bought in your local budget  supermarket..

Maternity and infant Awards best parenting blog winnerWinner of the Maternity and Infant best parenting blog 2015 and Winner of the Tesco Foodie challenge 2015 (and I say I’m not a foodie) 😉tesco foodie winner

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  1. Hi Lu, I have lots of ideas for the under ones!!! I know how hard it can be when weaning and trying to introduce new foods!! I will keep you posted on some finger foods too,, let the fun begin x it’s such an exciting time x oneyummymummyx

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