My 4 Star pizzas

We love a good pizza night, and I’ve got 4 recipes here that will suit the whole family. My Mini flatbread pizzas are fab for getting the kids involved and have the easiest 4 ingredient base you can make. If you’re trying to watch the waistline give my syn free cloud bread one a bash or even my cauliflower crust pizza, these two do require a little bit more effort (I perfected both recipes over a few attempts) but are fab if you are on slimming world or just wanna watch the few pounds after the holidays.  Now if you thinking the hell with that and just want a good old fashioned thin and crispy pizzeria pizza I have a delicious Recipe here too. So what ever you fancy I have the answer with my 4-star pizzas x

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Cloud bread pizza

Cloud bread is huge at the minute, its light , easy to do and makes the perfect base for a healthy pizza. I cloud bread pizza tried this recipe a few times,  too (try) perfect it before I shared it. The first attempt, it  tasted a bit bland, so I, ve added loads of Italian flavour,s to the base, also I think leaving the base in the oven for an hour with the oven off, is vital if you don,t want  (in the words of Mary Berry) a soggy bottom.. And lastly it’s really important to use grease proof paper.. (or else you may end up with scrambled eggy bread (ahem.. that didn’t happen me) 😉 Cloud bread pizza  a great alternative to a takeaway if you’re trying to stick to a healthy diet and if you eat it next day as it tastes a million times better.

Cauliflower crust pizza

This is another pizza base I tried to perfect a few times before posting here and discovered frozen cauliflower works Best.  Cauliflower crust makes a great alternative to pizza, but it isn’t a pizza! So be warned you don’t end up with a crispy base.  But it’s great if you’re looking for a guilt free choice yourself, while hiding veggies for the kiddies..( for any slimming world folks The cauliflower crust its self is free..  can use the cheese as your healthy extra a  )

Easy flat bread pizza

You know how I love a recipe that the kids can get stuck in with! These mini flatbread pizzas are a perfect way to get them cooking. There are only 4 ingredients in the base, so no running around from shop to shop with a huge list, ( I don’t know about you but loads of ingredients in a recipe can sometimes put me off,  digging out a frozen pizza instead!  These are so handy for kiddy parties, play dates or just a rainy Saturday.  The kids will love making their own base and putting their toppings on, while the grown-ups work the pan. An added bonus!!   Because it’s their own creation, the small guys are guaranteed to eat it.

Thin and Crispy pizzeria pizza 

(The crème de la crème)
There is nothing like the satisfaction of making pizza at home, and finding an easy pizza dough recipe that works time and time again. This one makes  2″ 9 inch thin and crispy base pizzas that taste exactly like they are straight out of a pizzeria (the neighbours were nearly calling in for some with the smell wafting out the window).
I keep these simple with pepperoni and red pepper but the beauty of pizza is you can add your own favourite toppings!! Serve them with a simple salad and potato wedges. So easy x

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