Everyone gets a love heart cake

I’ve been using this recipe for broken biscuit cake for years and it,s never let me down.  My best buddy was asking me for it on Monday gone, for her little fellas birthday and I just copped that I haven’t shared it with you guys yet.

Every year for all the birthdays (all of them)  I make My broken biscuit love heart cake! I bought a love heart mould in lidl a few years ago and put it like this, I’ve got my money,s worth. Any of the kids I make it for Always say “Jolene makes us a love heart cake because she loves us so much” which is just adorable. (but the truth is I,m a cheapskate and by using my heart mould and making this recipe I,m saving money ) Yum talks about it all the time! She will ramble on about her birthday and will name all the things she’s going to get and the love heart cake is top of the list!   It’s my favourite recipe, because of the great memories it has attached to it and she loves to help make it with me.

This broken biscuit recipe will work in any 12-inch tin, lined with cling film. So it doesn’t have to be a love heart (that’s just for my guys 😉 )The reason it tastes so good? is only 1 packet of digestives goes in, that way it has more of a toffee and caramel taste than biscuity if you get me? I usually just top it with chocolate spread or a caramel spread and sprinkles.  Any one who has ever had a taste will say it’s the best biscuit cake that they, ,ve ever tasted (Not to blow my own trumpet,)

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Jolene x 


2 large bars of chocolate (get the good stuff.)

I use this Caramel spread

around 150 mls of golden syrup,

1 small packet of butter 277g pack..

1 pack of digestives

Chocolate spread or caramel spread to finish, Top sprinkles



Melt the butter, syrup and in a pan over a low heat. Make sure the heat is low, (it will take around 25 mins to melt together)

break up and add in the chocolate  Stir to make sure all the ingredients are well mixed together and all melted.

Add broken digestives

Put into a cake tin lined with cling film and leave in the fridge overnight…

top with choc spread and sprinkles after a full night in the fridge.


or you can be really fancy and add chocolate fingers around the edges and add Maltesers to the top. (only for really special occasions)









or for any little men in your life … This construction topping is so easy and looks amazing (I got the idea from one of the mums over on the home cooks Ireland group)

all you need to do top the cake with caramel or chocolate spread,  stencil out the number on paper, place the number on the cake and top with crushed Oreos or bourbon creams .. I got the tar look of the number by painting it with a mixture red and green of food coloring.


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