My top 5 “Make Away” Recipes

We all love a treat over the weekend, a nice bite to eat with a beer or a glass of wine. Something to look forward to at the end of a hard week. When ordering a takeaway I always have the guilts after eating it! Hell yeah I love the taste but I alway feel sluggish or heavy when I’ve finished. Not knowing how much oil or msg,s in it is another thing. Don’t get me wrong I love the taste of a takeaway away (who doesn’t)  that’s why is started to develop and make my own! I call them a “make away,” (not a fake away because there is nothing fake in there just real food!)  With these recipes You know exactly what your eating making them much  healthier.. ( save the calories for the wine that’s my motto)  So I’ve picked my top 5 (and most popular ) to get you through the next few weekends x ( Just click on the photo or title and you will be brought to each recipe)

Enjoy guys x


Sweet and sour pork 

I’ve been told many times that my sweet and sour pork tastes exactly like a Chinese take way.. Its such an easy one to cook too chucking all your ingredients into your wok.. not a fan of pork? You can replace it with chicken or steak tips? If your  a fan of all meats make it a special and throw in the lot adding some prawns for good measure x

Chicken satay 

My chicken satay is hotly becoming one of the most popular recipes on the blog ( after chicken curry in a hurry) you guys are Actually  Googling ” one yummy mummy chicken satay” to get to it.   That’s just mind blowing!

Homemade burgers

These burgers are the one recipe the hubs told me to keep to myself.. he thinks they are going to make us rich one day!! And they very well might.. but I’m a all or nothing girl!!  The fresh thyme and grated onion give them a real gourmet taste while baking them in the oven mean they come out so juicy, never drying out! We sometimes leave the Bundy and serve them without getting the full meaty taste.

Chinese noodles 

This one is “yums ” favourite!! She would eat noodles until they come out of her ears.. the good thing is they can be tossed up in a flash. This is a great recipe to have up your sleeve when you haven’t done the food shop, using up all the ingredients already in the cupboard


Southern baked chicken 

This one is Finger licking good with out the grease and fat. no wobbly skin either ( well not on the Chicken any way, I’m not speaking for myself😉) My southern baked chicken is one recipe that really comes with no guilt after eating compared to having a “snack box”!  when you think about it.. its chicken, breadcrumb, egg with a little herbs and spice… its all good x

And there you have it guys x I, ‘ll be dying to hear how you got on over on the Facebook page  or why not join the one yummy mummy community Facebook group,  A place for us all share cooking ideas tips and recipes x

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