Christmas gift guide for Preschoolers

I can’t believe we have only 4 shopping weekends until Christmas, how the heck did that happen? I love Christmas morning, (the one morning of the year ¬†it’s acceptable to drink bucks fizz) I can just imagine the excitement ” in every house up and down the country. (opening the presents not pouring the bucks fizz ūüėČ ) ¬†I still remember the frenzy as a kid, ¬†running down the stairs to see if Santa¬†came on Christmas morning. Trying to get into the living room first! ¬†Yum is 3 now, and her taste in toys are very gender nurtural, which I love. You will find her dressed up as a princess¬†while playing with¬†her monster trucks most days . ¬†So with that in mind here’s¬†my Christmas¬†gift guide for the 3-year-old in your life. (boys or girls)¬†

1, The fisher price code a pillar. ‚ā¨59.99 I love toys that encourage¬†kids to use the old brain cells without them realising it ( this is the ex-preschool, teacher, in me).¬†The code a pillar is a learning¬†toy that helps develop skills like critical thinking,¬†reasoning, discovery, memory, problem solving and experimentation. To top all that, you will get a few laughs watching it dance while crawling around the floor to get to its destination. The smallies will get loads of mileage out if this one because you can pick ¬†loads of different¬†code combinations, by breaking of the segments and sending it off in a different direction every time.

2, Fashionista¬†barbie. ‚ā¨10.00, Barbie has just had a bit of a makeover, and I’m not talking extra contouring or butt implants! ¬†She’s now got a realistic¬†positive body image. That will appeal¬†to ¬†girls and boys of course (gender quality all the way here) from all diversities, with 3 new body shapes curvy, petite and tall and a tonne of new looks. There a steal at ‚ā¨10 per doll. A perfect stocking filler for the little Fashionista in your life

3, 100 piece wooden¬†train set with table. ‚ā¨89.99, My girlie adores trains and loves building. She would get hours out of this set. It comes with track pieces, trains , tunnels, people cars , animals and road signs. The best part (for us) is the built-in drawer, A space to put all the pieces in to make tidying up a breeze.

4, 50 piece colourful wooden blocks tub. ‚ā¨14.99, ¬†Blocks are a huge hit in our house, ¬†Blocks are the one toy that can become anything you want, ¬†Villages, towns and towers. “I always like to add to our Blocks collection at Christmas. Yum spends hours in her imaginary word ¬†building houses and putting her little toy figures around them.(miniature Peppa playing side by side with the paw patrol gang) ¬†I could spend hours watching her play like this, bossing her little guys around, telling them what to do, it makes a change from bossing daddy ūüôā

5, Peppa¬†pig Family home play set .‚ā¨29.99 What 3-year-old doesn’t love Peppa? You can’t go wrong with this one, ¬† open up Peppa’s House to reveal lots of rooms and a garden area too. There’s ¬†furniture, 4 family figures, ¬†a see-saw and tree for outdoor fun, with the famous red car. The perfect starter set to make your¬†very own toy Youtube videos and make millions (she jokes)

6.Blaze and the monster Machine, monster dome ‚ā¨29.99. This one is on Santa’s list, so fingers crossed the elves know how to make a monster dome. ¬†Yum is a huge fan of Blaze¬†and the monster machines. ¬† With the ¬†monster dome, Blaze races Crusher ¬†side by side, ¬†you can create the track in different¬†styles with multiple¬†race tracks. If Santa does bring it, I’m thinking One yummy Daddy and Yum will have great fun racing with this. ( the perfect toy for mammy to head to the bath for a pamper and a glass of bucks fizz on Christmas evening)

All toys in my gift guide are available Nationwide from Smyth’s toy stores… Keep your eyes peeled this week, I may have a giveaway or two..¬† ūüôā








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    • ah me too.. im thinking about just getting one and putting the sofa in the garden.. I honestly think we would get more use out of the train table !!

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