Ice Skating Blanchardstown Review

I have never been Ice skating in my life, I’m a bit clumsy, to be honest. I’ll give you an ice-skating-blanchestown-4example, I went out a few weekends ago with my best buddy. I got all dressed up, cause hadn’t had a “mammy” night out in ages. I wore the most beautiful pink  platforms shoes and  fell….. more than once, lets just say (but got loads of compliments on the shoes, sure that’s the main thing) I,ll just add when I was younger I could only go on roller boots on carpet, I never ventured outside in them for fear of my life. So when I got an invite to the opening weekend of Ice skating in Blanchardstown how could I refuse.

I love Christmas and with “yum” being 3 now she knows exactly what it’s all about. I put on a few Christmas tunes and dressed us both  in our Christmas red coats (you have to look the part), sure we were only buzzing going out the door. We left in good time and was glad I wrapped us up because its is Freezing at the rink (the ice part should have been the giveaway that it’s cold!)

Ice skating Blanchardstown is in a huge marquee with an adult Ice rink and a kiddy one. There’s a food stall that sells ice-skating-blanchestown-3hot dogs and fries, and a coffee place if you need to fuel up before hitting the rink. They have a bungee trampoline and a little amusement ride with trains   also, (a good option to fall back on if the skating doesn’t work out with the smallies) We booked in for the first skate so it wasn’t too crowded and when “yum” got her little skates on she was dying to hit the Ice, (I was a little apprehensive putting on mine, in fear of hitting it with my butt) if only there was Carpet to practice on .

We opted for the kiddy ice rink,  it had little whales for the toddlers to sit on and penguins for the bigger kids to hold on to. We tried the penguin first, but kept slipping (didn’t fall may I add) so decided the Whale was the best option. We spent the hour going round the rink  with “Yum” shouting faster, faster mammy! I was holding on to the whale (for dear life) pushing her around laughing the whole time,  I got braver the more I got used to it. Bolero next time 🙂

Grab this guy for a photo

Grab this guy for a photo

There was a professional photographer on the rink from alpha pix, a great idea to capture the moment , I waved him over (with my head may I add, not letting go of the whale) and he took a beautiful  snap. I savoured the whole experience and was delighted I didn’t let my clumsiness get in the way. My point being Ice skating is for everyone to enjoy, even if coordination isn’t your best friend, you,ll probably enjoy it more (because it’s something new)

“yum” finished up the day on the amusement train, while I demolished a coffee, our photo from Alpha pix didn’t disappoint either,  It spent the night at “yums” bedside and she gave it a kiss before nodding off last night .

If you fancy bringing your crew Ice skating  to either Dublin or Cork you will find all the details Here

(Disclosure) I was giving a free pass for the purpose of this review. 


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  1. I have not been ice skating for years, mine and the husband’s first date. well over 20 years ago now come to think of it!! This place looks great, I would love to see if I could still skate 🙂

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