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Screen time? how do you feel about it? It can get some really bad press, and while I don’t believe a child should be satkidloland app in front of a screen for hours… I believe, it can be an invaluable learning resource. Technology isn’t going away anytime soon.. so let,s embrace it… everything in moderation.

“yum” has had a “child friendly” tablet since she was 2… because I spend a lot of time on the road between Fermanagh (granny’s house) and Dublin, I find our little road trips so enjoyable and stress free because of her tablet… be it on the bus  in the car or on the luas… she’s happily occupied…

We have a Peppa pig, Thomas, the tank engine and a kidloland app downloaded onto her tablet, that we paid for, I know there are so many free apps out there, but so many of these can t be used when your offline or have no wifi connection… also I find she can keep clicking on advertisements or unsuitable links when the free apps are online, we both find this so  annoying…

The kidloland app is my favourite by far, because she,s learning while she plays… On the kidloland app, she learns kid-o-land-appnursery rhymes, shapes, colours animals, fruits, vegetables, first words and more… there are hundreds of games and activities, so it,s actually great value  for money…

Yum just loves this app.. and its been a game changer on long journeys… (she played it on the plane to Portugal this year and on a 3 hour train journey to Galway )  its also really handy if I’m trying to get a few jobs done around the house or on the blog. I give us an allocated time for the app and my jobs and because she’s learning, I,d rather she plays “kidloland” than be  glued to the tv or You tube.

if you would like to give it a try,, you can download the app at the links below


The good bit…… 3 lucky One Yummy Mummy readers can win a three-month subscription here on the blog…. you can enter below … good luck guys…


kidloland appDisclaimer… I was given a year subscription of the kidloland app, for the purpose of this review

Kidoland App

17 thoughts on “The kidloland App Review

  1. I have never come across a post like this before (still fairly new to Twitter and the world of blogs) and am now fascinated at how I can enter a competition in such a way! My lad is 10 but still loves Peppa and co so I think this is worth investigating. Thanks.

  2. I agree – everything in moderation! When B was first born and very small, I really avoided TV, but we watch a few of his programmes now and YouTube is great for fun, but educational videos with songs etc. But, you’re right, if you don’t have wifi, that wouldn’t work! The app sounds like a great way to get round this.

  3. Sounds like a super app! My children are all too old for this now, but they would have loved it when they were younger. It’s hard to balance screen time, isn’t it – it’s such an easy way to occupy them while us parents get things done….

  4. I think Evie might be a bit too old for this. She doesn’t use our phones and we don’t have an iPad, she rarely uses her own Leap pad to be honest but she absolutely loves to draw. I don’t really know how I feel about screen time to be honest but nursery rhymes are nice. It’s good that it’s safe for kids too.

  5. My niece already plays with KidloLand app! Great app. Very educational and entertaining for kids!
    Download the app from here-

    iOS (KidloLand):

    Google Play Store (Nursery Rhymes For Kids):

    Amazon Appstore (KidloLand):

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