The Netflix Game

The netflix gameHave you ever had a gang of kids, of all different ages fighting over what to watch on Netflix? The younger one wants
Peppa.. the older one wants pretty little liars and the one in between wants “The day my butt went psycho” (it’s a show !!! look it up!!! if only for a laugh, it’s about a boy and his pal who happens to be a butt???)

For days when the squabble over the remote happens …. (like every day) I have made up a game…  I call it the Netflix game… and the kids love it… it’s basically…. the adult gets the remote.. puts Netflix to the kids  setting, closes her eyes and picks a program at random… whatever it lands on they all watch … no argument..  surprising the kids go with it and just accept the feat of the remote.  You can narrow down your search by just going through the programs the kids have watched before, to play safe,  but we’ve discovered some pretty cool programmes, that we would have never dreamed of watching by haveing a random blind search.

The magic school bus is one, this show is from the 90,s  and is  something I would have loved myself as a kid.. with verymagic school bus old school animation… about a wacky teacher miss frizzle who brings her students  on field  trips to places like the “digestive system” (the kids shrink and get swallowed) learning as they go on each adventure… … I would never pick this for a bunch of kids with my eyes open … but they go nuts for it….

Another one we have discovered  is Bo on the go… this is a great pick if you bo on the gohave a spare 20 mins and fancy a bit of exercise too .. Bo asks,s the kids to clear the room of toys (tidy up) and find a space, she calls this your “bo zone”.. you run on the spot, crawl and jump trough each 20 min episode helping her solve problems, it’s a great one for rainy days ,when you have a few smallies climbing the walls, needing to get a bit of energy out….

new ones we,ve hit  on this month also  are beatbugs and ask the story bots..

A heads up tho, if your going to play the Netflix game.. you have to explain the rules first… tell the gang that whatever you land on is what you watch… no questions… that’s the rules… and don’t cave!!! one shot, one program… that’s the best way of discovering little gems, you would never pick with your eyes open…

The kids love it .because surprisingly it takes the choice away..(I sound like a real old school teacher here, all I’m missing is the cane!!!) . But seriously  they get so much choice nowadays they don’t know what they want, choice is a great thing, but too much of it makes kids frustrated.  I think this game transports them to a simpler time ,, like our own tv generation, we had to watch whatever was on the telly and enjoyed it because there was no other choice… you get me??

The “Netflix game is a huge success in our house… sure give it a go… you might be surprised…

Get messy have fun One yummy mummy x


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