5 Easy after-school dinners

The beginning of the school year is looming, So I thought I,d give you all a dig out with dinners…  most kids nowadays  have a better social diary,   than most of us grown up,s, with afterschool activities and playdates..   it can leave  “Taxi driver mam”  so busy, dinners  are the last thing on her mind And  what’s the first thing Mam gets asked when she get to the school gates??? “whats for dinner?”  (deep breaths) So here you have it 5 easy after school dinners that will get you through the school week

I’ve selected these 5 because there quick healthy and there the recipes I’ve been using for years. (from my nannying days)..  They will get you through any school week… and a added bonus is.. the kids will eat them guaranteed x (for all recipes just click on the photos and you,ll will be directed to them.. even print them off  to keep when you need them)

healthy pot noodles1, Healthy pot noodles…

Now who doesn’t love pot noodles? These bad boys are healthy, super quick and loved by all big and small kids.

chicken curry in a hurry2, Chicken curry in a hurry…

This is a meal that I’ve been cooking for years and cook it every week without fail. With  clean plates every time 

seaside crumble 2

3, Seaside Crumble.

This fishy dishy will get the family through the mid-week hump with a bit of old brain food.  All the budget supermarkets are doing fresh cod fillets. So there handy to pick up, and there easy on the purse strings too 

easy cheesey pasta final for blog 2

4, Easy Cheesy pasta 

This recipe has received some amazing feedback since I first published it on the blog back in early summer. Its becoming a firm favourite in loads of homes across the country. Perfect for after school

pork bolognese

5, best ever bolognese … 

everyone has a spag bol recipe,  and this is another one I’ve been cooking for years, with no sugar filled jars, its one of the easiest dishes to cook from scratch. Ok I recommend to cook it on a low heat for 2 hours. (the prep takes less than 30 mins.) The longer you cook bolognese the better it tastes. you don’t have to leave it for the two hours, but honestly, if you do you wont be disappointed 

Good luck with the first week back x 

Get messy x have fun x One yummy mummy x



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