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freddy buttonsFreddie Buttons is a food adventure  book series by lifestyle blogger and food writer Fiona Dillion… The idea behind the books is to introduce real food to children by educating children in a fun way about where exactly their food comes from.. ( something I am hugely passionate about )

8-year-old Freddy buttons live,s in Tumbledown village with his mam and dad and his best  friend Juno the dog .. Freddie,s favourite thing to do is to hang out in the garden of Tumbledown village..  there’s always food to eat and mysteries to solve… With  so many mysteries and strange goings on, Freddie has to call in the ” FBI” The FREDDIE BUTTONS INVESTAGATERS “lea for the blog

Tumbledown Media  sent me the series of 6 books to review.. so I contacted my Chief book reviewer… avid reader and  all
round brain box,  10-year-old  “little miss kind hearted” (my gorgeous niece )

Here is her honest review of each book , as you can see she put a lot of time and effort into each book report . She really hopes you enjoy them (super drawings too) 🙂


Freddy buttons and the lost hen

Freddy buttons and the lost hen

Freddy buttons and the lost hen

One day in tumbledown cottage Freddy and Juno were going to collect eggs from the hens, but in the last chicken coop, there were no eggs! Henry white feather was missing. So Freddy  and Juno called the “FBI” Freddy buttons investigators . So Freddy and Juno go to look for henry… This book is a great book , it is good for all ages, its not too easy or not too hard .. I loved reading Freddy buttons and the lost hen .. I would give it a 10/10 



       Freddy buttons and the slimy slugs 

Freddy Buttons and the slimy slugs

Freddy Buttons and the slimy slugs

It was Freddy’s first day back in school. His two friends anna and jack come to pick him up for school.  They were really excited to see the potato garden, they grew at the end of last year, but when their teacher Mrs holly berry brings them out to the potato garden the potatos are all gone??? 

I really enjoyed reading this book. This book is good for all ages. Its not too easy or not too hard. i loved reading this book. I would give it a 10/10 





Freddy buttons and the naughty Badgers 

Freddy Buttons and the Naughty Badgers

Freddy Buttons and the Naughty Badgers

one day Juno nd Freddy went to feed miss sally some hay, but she felt sick, so she did not eat it. The next day the hay was gone, miss sally said she did not eat it..This book is good but it kinda has the same story in it. Something bad always happens in it.. I enjoyed reading it but it needs to get a better story line.. I still give it 7/10 





Freddy buttons and the apple bandits

freddy buttons

Freddy Buttons and the apple Bandits              

Freddy’s cousins bonnie and James are coming over. they love coming over to play with Freddie. They live in the city so they can’t milk the cows, shave the sheep and collect eggs from the hens. So Freddy Anna and Jack are going apple picking. they all picked 12 apples each. after they had a picnic, when they picked up their apple baskets, 1 apple was missing from each basket.. I found this book really good, but a little easy for me, it would be really good for a 7 year old  

Freddy buttons and horrible Hornets 

Freddy Buttons and the horrible Hornets

Freddy Buttons and the horrible Hornets

one day Freddy Felt a bit sick, he had a sore throat. so his mam gave him some honey. The next day, Freddy went to see how the bees were doing. But there were a load of Hornets heading to the bee hive !! I liked reading this book because something bad happened and Freddy fixed iI’m going to give this book a 10/10 

Well done to my fantastic book reviewer!!! very honest and Im delighted you enjoyed reading all about Freddy buttons and his food adventures…. (of course my reviewer got to keep the set I was given) but neither of us was paid in any way for our review…

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  1. That’s so cute she’s wrote it all out and done drawings. Your neice has got a a real talent there. I love how she has rated them out of 10.

    Jordanne ||

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