Imaginosity a mummys review

Last Friday we had planned to head off to the zoo for the day.. but it wasn’t meant to be, it lashed rain the whole day.. we had our mind set on heading out , so it had to be an indoor adventure. I remembered a while back I had been invited to come and visit Imaginosity Dublin children’s Museum, so with the rain beating against the window, it was the perfect day to take the invite up…

Imaginosity is Irelands only interactive children’s museum, their philosophy is that children learn best when they,reImaginosity having fun (something I totally agree with) The museum has 3 levels,  and is jammed packed with things to do for kids of all ages.. When you walk through the doors of Imaginosity you  definitely get that “charlie” and the chocolate feeling.. only with toys..  I got so excited myself when we arrived and just to see “yums” little face light up actually nearly brought me tears to my eyes.. (emotional much?)

There was so much to see and do, the allocated 2-hour slot was the fastest 2 hours of my life.. if I was to  mention each and every activity this review would go on for days.. so here’s a quick snippet our favourites ..

The Garage



In the garage there is an actual real car an Audi a1 to be exact.. “yum” donned overalls and had a blast pretending to fix , drive and fill the car with petrol.. The Garage also had a cog wall and a wooden car to play in too… We could have spent the 2 hours just here.

Imaginosity 5Dublin Diner

Think a huge Eddie rockets dinner.. in pretend!!  toy cookers,, tables, menus, even a jukebox  mounted to the wall that plays tunes.. “yum” put on her  chefs hat and apron while I sat in the booth and decided what to order… she was in her element and I had the crac picking out what I wanted to eat (with all the other parents) joining in on all the fun..

The supermarket and ButchersImaginosity 4

The supermarket is a realistic, child-sized supermarket full of tasty healthy foods.   “yum” Grabbed a trolly and a shopping list, and got busy doing the shopping.. There were other children wearing  uniform,s and pretending to be shop assistants, manning the till,s and weighing the food. I absolutely loved the fact the children could Learn about the journey of food from the ground to the shelves and take part in an interactive food race. There is also a smelling station to test your sense of smell

The butcher’s counter was stocked with a variety of different meats. “yum” learned all about how meat is prepared for cooking and loved turning the chicken on the rotisserie.. Children can also weigh  meats, organise the display case or snap together the sausages.

Imaginosity 1The Doctors Surgery

It was just like we stepped into a real life doctors surgery, only with excise bikes where children can race on the bikes, learning the importance of keeping fit.. “yum”  wore a stethoscope and really enjoyed looking after all the dollys making them better. with bandages, slings and casts..

Children’s TheatreImaginosity 7

The children’s Theatre had a stage ,, props and loads of dress up.. “yum ” put on some fairy wings  and cowboy hat (dressed like she was going to a hen
party?) and fluttered around the stage.. she also dressed up as a pirate, but got the most enjoyment out of playing hide and seek out of the huge stage curtain

Doll’s House

This was the biggest dolls house we had ever seen .. with loads of rooms, furniture and dolls to play with.. we spent a good half an hour putting the dollys to bed and waking them up for breakfast, and then putting them back to bed.. I think this was “yum,s” favourite area of allImaginosity 6

The Roof Garden

The rain stopped just in time for us to have a play in the roof garden.. it had a fairy village and little  house for “eco the badger” who was asleep in bed (and snoring his head off) ..There were swings and balance beams.. but funnily enough “yum” got the most crac playing with a little tiny stool.. carrying it around.. standing and sitting on it (kids eh..)

we got a good 20 minutes in the roof garden before the heavens opened and it started pouring again.. but I was delighted we got the chance to see it..



so there you have it…. a run down of our favourite areas in Imagionosity.. take it from me there,s loads more to see and do..  We made memories and will definitely be back over the summer..


The lovely folks at imaginosity have given me a family pass for 2 adults and 2 children to give away !!! watch out on the One Yummy Mummy facebook page this week to enter …

 Disclamer… I was given a family pass for the purpose of this review.. All opinions are my own .. 

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  1. This sounds like brilliant fun (for you, obviously! Oh, and the children). Mine would absolutely love something like this x

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