Bookawoo Review

book a wooBookawoo is a subscription service which sends your child a magical monthly box with a selection of books to help
broaden and develop their imagination. Each month has a new theme and is designed to encourage a love of reading.

“yum” is two and a half now.. and she,s a bit of a whizz on her tablet.. her blue tabby she calls it..  of course at 2 and a half you might think she,s a bit young to have one.. (and I would have totally agreed before I had a 2 and a half-year old) but it has its place. On long car journeys, if we are going out for an evening,   It,s the time,s we are in,  and it does have some really good learning games..

But in the age of technology, nothing beats a good book..

What I love about bookawoo is that, these guys really know their books.. it’s an Irish family business and each box of books, are tailored individuality to your child’s needs and development. The books are beautiful and I would definitely put them in the premium category .. What makes bookawoo stand out, is the experience the child gets when the box is delivered….. listen to “yum” ooh and aah” while she opens her,s in her pajamas, on a wet Irish morning..  she got a little bit of sunshine…

Ah the excitement… receiving the box from the post man… opening it and then looking at each book..  I love reading “yum” her bed time story.. its my favorite part of the day ,  in another 10 minutes i,ll have freedom!! , no, it’s  our  bonding time, and nothing makes it more exciting than a really good book..

What’s also great is you can send a single Bookawoo box as a gift anywhere in Ireland or the UK  and When you subscribe you can skip a month or cancel any time.

We received a free box of book,s from bookawoo for  review.. but I loved them  so much I signed up.. all opinions are my own as always.. x 

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