Reasons why we love Frozen


We are huge fans of Netflix in the “yummy” household, I ,m delighted to part of the Netflix Stream Team..(a network of parents from the US, UK, Ireland and Europe who write about Netflix)  As part of the stream team I  get a heads up on whats new on the streaming giant each month. If you’re a fan of  animated feature films, April is jammed packed full of them. The cherry on the top, has to be, for the whole month of April, Netflix will be streaming “Frozen” the greatest animation of this generation (well in my view)



I watched it again today, (for the millionth time) snuggled up with “yum”. It got me thinking.. Whats the secret? … Why does it make me so happy.. why am I grinning from ear to ear… no matter how many times I watch it… what are………

reasons why we love frozen

The reason,s why we love frozen

1, Magic… every one loves  magic!! Elsa doesn’t have to get the builders in, when she storms off into the wilderness.. she can alakazam her very own  “frozen palace ”  out of thin air.. ..   She  whizzes her finger and can zap on “That” infamous  sparkly blue dress.. what girl (or boy) would not love to be able to do that.. Ok having all that power has its down falls .. like almost killing your sister.. but because she has to hide her gift,  has us glued to the screen even more.

2, Snow… Because “Frozen” is set in snow , the back drop is so pretty.. snow is beautiful, snow is great crack.. you can go sledging.. throw snow balls and build snow men!! .. all that slipping around, falling head first, into  mountain,s of snow is pretty funny!! Snow is the perfect setting for the adventure.

3, Olaf.. ah the talking sun-loving snowman, with the big heart and classic one liners. give,s us some of the best laughs in the movie.. classic lines like “Winter’s a good time to stay in and cuddle”, But put me in summer and I’ll be a…pauses in front of a puddle”.. cracks me up every time.. 

4, Big summer Blow out!! Even the small characters bring so many gags .. The wandering oakens trading post and sauna.  It,s fully stocked with summer supplies, because Elsa,s storm hits in July, and god love him, he can’t give the stuff away.. His line “big summer blowout” is one of the funnest in the film” and has a bit of a cult status with teenager,s too.

5, Princesses .. Who doesn’t love a Disney princess??  Frozen has TWO.

Two very different girls, reasons why we love frozenthat little folk look up to.. they .. are attractive, have beautiful dresses and live in a palace.  Al-tho Elsa come,s across  standoffish and Anna is a little bit desperate on the man front.. We don,t care, we love them…

6, Anna is a red-head.. because of our own red-head in the yummy house hold.. I love that Anna fly’s the Disney flag for  redhead.. ok so we have other redhead from Disney. Merida and Ariel too,  I love Merida,s free spirit in brave (but its a hard name for a 2-year-old to say) and Ariel is a fish .. So Anna is our favorite..

7, Death, (deep breath)  tricky subject to tackle.. But Disney does it with ease, and doesn’t dwell on it (moves on pretty quickly)   It,s good to let kids know that Crap  bad stuff happens in real life.. and that Elsa and Anna are just fine about, the boat accident , When the “do you want to build a snow man” song  ends” they,re pretty much over it… no therapy needed Yeah!!

8, Adventure, Who doesn’t love a bit of adventure.. the chase.. the excitement of hunting down someone, first trying to find them, falling in love along the way and  getting nearly killed,  while doing it!! Frozen has it all.

9,Songs.. My goodness, them guys sure know how to write a good tune!! “let it go” can cover so many events in an adults life.. bad relationship,s.. putting on a few pounds in slimming world “let it go”…. 😉 covers it!! and is now a karaoke classic..

10, Sisters… Ah my favorite reason of all.. I love the fact that prince Han,s is a bit of an asshole  slease bag (it happens in real life)  in the famous words of Aretha Franklin and the Eurythmics “the Spirit of “frozen” is “sisters are doing it for themselves” .. we don’t need a man to save the day.. . Girl power..


So there you have it… in a nutshell..  reasons why we love frozen.. have I forgot any? What are your reasons ?

Get messy, have fun, One yummy Mummy x



8 thoughts on “Reasons why we love Frozen

  1. I think Frozen is such a universally ageless film as I absolutely love it as well because the girls take over and they’re the ones who save everything not the man like in most Disney. And the songs are great, obviously Olaf is amazing x

  2. Your reasons are lovely but we are not a frozen loving household! My daughter absolutely loves frozen. On our recent trip to Disney her little face when she saw Elsa and Anna was great…but…am I allowed to confess it that my Disney favourite is Tangeled?!

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