Easy Homemade Chicken Goujon,s

Easy Homemade Chicken Goujon,s

Some days kids just want to  Chicken Goujon,s , chips and beans!  (mummy,s need days like these),   You will find shop bought chicken Goujon,s in my freezer, for days I,m in a rush, or haven’t done the food shop..   I try to keep them as an occasional thing. (for when I,m really stuck) because many moons ago I worked in a chicken factory, (yes, a very glamours life I lead) and you quickly learn  exactly goes into your nuggets.. but  that’s another story,  it’s no big secret tho, if you really want to know the makings of processed chicken, you just have to go to master google.Easy Homemade Chicken Goujon,s

I have been experimenting for a while now, on how to make the perfect Easy  homemade chicken Goujon,s.. you will be surprised how easy they are (egg, bread crumbs and a wee bit of patience!!) These have been tried and tested on my chief Goujon  tester (One yummy Daddy) and he would eat them until they come out of his ears ..  a few little tummy,s have also devoured them!! and they are fab if your thinking of having a “posh ” kids party!! (im always throwing these) 😉 (we are so posh) 🙂

Any slimming world guys just wiz up your brown bread from your healthy extra b, add herbs and spice, spray with fry light.. bang in the oven and your flying “free Chicken Goujons” (that taste better than the shop bought ones) x

Get messy x Have Fun x One Yummy Mummy x


4 slices of wholemeal brown bread (sw wiz up 2 slices of wholemeal bread from a 400g loaf for hex b)Easy Homemade Chicken Goujon,s

A few  sprig,s of fresh rosemary

A few sprigs  of  sprig,s of fresh thyme

a sprinkle of black pepper

a teaspoon of paprika

1 egg

3 chicken breasts

frylight/olive oil


Heat your oven to 180c / gas mark 4Easy Homemade Chicken Goujon,s

Spray a baking tray with olive oil/ frylight and leave to one side

Cut the chicken into strips

whisk your egg

wiz up the bread crumbs, fresh thyme, and rosemary with a hand blender, add black pepper and paprika

dip your chicken into the egg, (use one hand for the egg and the other hand for the crumb.. it will get messy) and then into your breadcrumb.

place onto your baking tray and cook for 40 minutes until chicken is cooked x

and that, s it!!!





11 thoughts on “Easy Homemade Chicken Goujon,s

  1. Brilliant, thanks for this! My daughter loves chicken goujons but I have been trying to avoid the shop ones as I know how awful they can be. She’s allergic to egg but I think with an egg substitute this would work perfectly.

  2. I need to try making these myself on the days that I don’t use my bread for other things on Slimming World. I’ve used smash crumbs before to cover chicken and that works really well too x

  3. This is a great recipe to have. In fact I’ve been looking for one. I always feel a bit guilty when buying ready to cook chicken nuggets/goujon’s, because I know we can cook it from scratch too. Thanks for this recipe 🙂 x

  4. Mmmmm that sounds really good. My daughter is quite (very!) picky about her food especially if she can’t see what’s inside the breadcrumbs, but had some homemade chicken goujons like this at the weekend, so might have to try this at home.

  5. These look lovely and simple to make. I have made home made chicken nuggets before using a slimming world recipe and they were so much nicer than shop bought ones! Plus they are much better for you

  6. These look great – little man is a big fan of goujons but I’m always super conscious of just how little chicken may be in the processed ones – will definitely be giving these a try. Bookmarked for future use!

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