There is something about Michael

This morning “yum” got all dressed up, for our parent and toddler morning…  I told her we  were doing something really cool today (so she wanted to wear her shades, as you do) We were doing a sponsored walk for her friend Michael who we met at the Mother and Toddler morning, many moons ago.lils

There is something unique about Michael. He has been diagnosed with a rare type of childhood cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma .. But I don,t want to talk about that… I want to talk about the other things that are unique about Michael..

Michael is 3 years old and just loves superheroes , hes got a smile that would stop you in your tracks.. A great sense of humor and an amazing zest for life..


michael playing with his super herosHes a bit of a super hero himself , stronger than the hulk and superman put together.. Hes just a normal boy, having to take an extraordinary journey.  Hes not grumbling.. he just wants to get on with it. Watch his program’s on the telly, play with his toys and get up to a bit of mischief.. (don,t we all)

Michael’s parents, are going through, that one thing, as parents is unimaginable. They  smiled through our sponsored walk this morning, chatted  had a laugh,  told some lovely stories about their son..  They will, have to travel abroad for treatment with him, and need  funds to do this.. At times like this it,s so hard to even think of money.. its the furthest thing from their mind.. They just want to get their boy better.. like any parent would.

michael our walk As a Mam I  think, what would I need in this situation, what would lessen the load for me..  What would make a  difference?..  Feeling a bit of back up, and getting a bit of help, that,s all we ever need x

ok I know we cant help everyone, but we can all help someone.. 

The kids had a ball this morning,  you could hear the little giggles for miles.. Today, maybe that little superhero could be that someone you help x

Michael has a go fund me page.. anything no matter how small would be amazing.. click here to donate       x

x  Thank you so much x One yummy Mummy x x



4 thoughts on “There is something about Michael

  1. Thank you all so much for today it was just fantastic to catch up with you all. I know im a very previlaged person to have such support around me from family friends and neighbours old and new, young and old . I feel very blessed as support gets us through the tough times. You all are wonderful parents and your children are lucky to have such good role models in thier lives. Thank you doesnt seem to be enough for giving up your time and donations its above and beyond and truly appreciated.

    Lots of love

    Carmel and Brian ( Michaels Mammy n Daddy)

  2. Ah poor Michael & his family. I hope they get the funding they need for treatment. It’s awful that money has to factor in at all! It’s wonderful you have posted this, I hope it helps! x

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