A step from bambino to toddlerhood & “Gro to bed” giveaway

We have always been lucky, with our girls sleeping habits.  Since we brought her home from the one yummy mummyhospital, we have never had a late night walking the floors, with her. A bit of a lottery win really. The dolly loves her bed and we were happy not to rock the boat. So happy that now, at 2 years and 2 months, she was still in her cot, in our room. Her own room was ready, and she was happily playing in it during the day. The final step was “the big move” to her very own haven , the final step from bambino to toddlerhood.

We picked a date, and it was all set….

Not thinking it fully through, the date I picked was December 24th.. Christmas eve 🙂  with her love for slumber, I had a vision of an epic Christmas ad, on Christmas morning, with me waking  up singing “jingle bells” while daddy took the footage on the camcorder.. (and all three of us sliding down the banisters, to check if Santa came) ok  forget the last bit!!

I also read somewhere it was important to pick out her bed covers with her..  So off shopping we went .. in the Christmas rush.. for BED COVERS .. She picked out frozen covers, and just like  the magic of Elsa the cot turned into an “Anna bed”!! and that,s what we called it.. The Anna bed.

Christmas eve went exactly like we expected.. (except the sliding down the banisters bit) and Christmas night went well too.. BUT  I hadn’t taken into account,  I had invited all my family over for eats and drinks on Boxing /Stephen,s night… There was noise and the shit hit the fan!!! Which meant at 2 year,s and 2 months my girl, ended up in Mammy and Daddy’s big bed for the first time..

Ok I,ll be honest.. I loved it.. she was practically sleeping cheek to cheek with me, holding my hand. But I noticed she was twisting and turning a lot more than she had in her cot and not really sleeping.. and while I loved the snuggles I thought ” Im never going to get her into her own room”. She always loved her own space,  for that reason,  I made the decision, that it would be better for her  to be in her own room. She,s going to move into it eventually, better not to prolong it and maybe make it even harder.  ( I love the idea of co sleeping, and understand why it works for some family’s, .. for us no one was getting any sleep , so it wasn’t an option.

Our decision was made. I sat down with her and  said “your going to sleep in your “Anna bed tonight” she replied “I don’t like Anna bed”!! When we walked into the room she said to the bed ” I don’t like you” (as you do)..  This got me thinking maybe it was the “Anna bed she didn’t like”… She always slept in a gro bag in the cot,, So maybe it was the security of that she was missing.. This is when I turned to ” master google (as we do in times of need) and stumbled upon the “gro to bed” from the same company that make the gro bag.gro to bed 1

The “Gro to bed” is a duvet cover with a bottom sheet and connecting pillow case set has been cleverly designed with zips to keep the duvet in place and help to prevent little one,s from rolling out of bed. Genius!!

Zips just like the Gro Bag

Zips just like the Gro Bag

She loved it and is now back to her bed snuggling, independent self..

Also a word of advice if you do decide to take the big bed plunge with your toddler.. Do it on a quiet weekend .. with no fuss or noise.. and keep the  bed just the way the cot was.. Same Teddies.. Same blankies and if your little one is used to a gro bag.. the “gro to bed” is  fantastic for the transition ..


all is forgiven Anna

             all is forgiven Anna x 

I received a “gro to bed ” for purpose of this review.. all opinion,s  are my own x x

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