The Bubble Bum Giveaway and Review

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If you do the school run on a regular basis and have more than 2 children in the back of your car.. I can honestly say you need a “Bubble Bum” in your life!!! (and no that,s not a few excess pounds after Christmas ) A Bubble Bum is an inflatable Car boaster seat for children aged 4 to 11.  It is a genius idea coming from Irish mother Grainne Kelly. Grainne is a mother who came up the the bubble bum out of frustration and concern for her own children’s safety when travelling.

Did you know that,  In a licensed taxi, if a child car seat is not available, the child may travel unrestrained in the back seat. This was introduced by law for practical rather than safety reasons. In other words, because it isnt practical for taxi drivers to carry car seats, children legally dont have to use them in a taxi. There,s still the same dangers and safety issues in a taxi as in a car, so this law is a bit ludicrous really.. The bubble bum is perfect for taxis as it deflates and folds flat so that kids or mums can carry it in rucksacks or handbags.

I myself have a very small car, and I,m constantly driving around with kids in the back. A regular boaster seat doesn,t fit in the middle , with the 2 toddler car seats I already need in the car.  I was looking for a solution when I stumbled upon the “bubble bum and it Fits perfectly.Image from the Bubble bum website

When asking the 6 year old who use,s it, what she likes about the Bubble Bum, she said ” it,s just like a cushion  to sit on” and when going over bumps in the car my bum doesn’t hurt like when I sit on hard boaster seats” 🙂 well there,s honestly for you!!! Kids love their comforts eh…

Here, s some more features :

  • portable & lightweight
  • inflatable & re-useable
  • inflates by mouth – taking less than 20 seconds to inflate
  • folds flat
  • packs away into its very own stretchy bag
  • comfortable & colourful
  • affordable
  • with added belt positioning clip for extra comfort


 I received A Bubble Bum free for reviewing purposes. All thoughts and opinions as always are my own.



8 thoughts on “The Bubble Bum Giveaway and Review

    • good luck Clare x i have just changed it to commenting on the fb post as lots of people have commented there .. so your name is in the hat too x

  1. I am a nanny to 7 beautiful grandchildren and this would be amazing to keep in our car. As we often have one or another with us. I think this is a brilliant ideal. Well done.

    • it sure is a fab idea Pam .. I have kids in the car , be it family and friends all the time and find the Bubble bum a life saver x

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