A stress free guide to a baby,s first Christmas

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Here is my stress free guide to a babies first Christmas. 10 tips and ideas to help make ” the festivities ” stress free and memorable for all the right reasons.

A Baby,s first Christmas is such an exciting time. But its easy to get overwhelmed and  important not to get bogged down with the cost. This guide is about creating good memories for you to look back on ( after all, baby wont remember a thing)…

1, Stick to your routine… this maybe hard on Christmas day, but it will make life easier for all the family…  Plan for whoever cooks is solely the cook and the other family members are on baby duties.. This way one person isn’t taking on too much… and if granny or aunty is around take advantage… give them jobs!!!!! (but also give them wine)

2, Don,t spend a fortune on presents for baby!!!

Think of a keep sake like a Personalized Teddy . Irish company www.bearessentials.ie  have some beautiful handmade teddy bears ranging from €30bear from bearessentials

Or a developmental toy like a bucket of wooden blocks priced €29.99wooden-building-bricks-100-pieces in Toys and games ireland … they may not be able to play with them just yet but will get hours of enjoyment when they are ready for


3, Decorate the Christmas tree as a family… If baby is in their sling or bouncer put on some Christmas music and have a sing song together.  The bab,s will absolutely love all the colours of the baubles and lights..  give yourself a whole day to do this  and do it at the weekend when mam and dad are both around…

4,Capture the moment on the day!!! take lots of photos… (even make someone in charge of photos) its amazing how fast the day goes with out taking a single snap. film loads of footage too …

5, Atmosphere…. If your getting the camcorder out.. put a Christmas movie on in the background. My personal favorite is Santa clause the movie (the 1985 one) There is nothing as mundane as looking back on home movie footage, and hearing the morning news on in the back ground.Untitled design (14)

6, Get “a babies first Christmas stocking” as a keep sake , it doesn’t have to be expensive, all the €2 shops have them.

7, If your taking your baby to see Santa be prepared!!! Avoid the big department stores with ques, weigh up is it worth it…   there,s  a 50/50 chance baby will be howling in the photo.. Maybe even for the first year get a cheap Santa suit and dress daddy or granda up!!! This is guaranteed  less stress

8, Start a tradition !!  Get your baby a Christmas card and write a letter to them in the card… Write , what they can do developmentally .. what they enjoy doing .. their favorite toy/song and how mammy and daddy feel this Christmas that they’re here …  carry this on every year, keep the cards to look back on..

9, If possible get some fresh air on the day… even if its cold wrap up a go for a quick walk.. it will do wonders for all the family and you,ll walk off the Christmas dinner.. and feel well ready for desert.  Untitled design (15)

10, incorporate Christmas  dinner for bab,s too if they’re at weaning age.. think of no salt stock for gravy … lots of veggies. I have a stuffing recipe in the coming weeks,, which will be perfect for all the family, even the smallest mouths.

Get Messy, Have Fun, One Yummy Mummy


7 thoughts on “A stress free guide to a baby,s first Christmas

  1. Great IDEAS. I’ve kept Matthews first Xmas cards. I bought way too many presents for Chloe but main reason is because she’s taking all Matthew’s at the moment and some of them are boys toys. I want her to have her own. Can’t wait for cooking. Means hubby will be on duty. Lol

  2. yeah its so easy to get carried away with the pressies… ah enjoy the cooking… i love doing the Christmas dinner… thanks for commenting x

  3. Great tips Jolene! Baby’s first Christmas is so exciting, but it can get hectic if you don’t follow the routine. I think that’s really good advice. And, fresh air always helps too! x

  4. Loving these ideas, my movie pick will be it’s a wonderful life. This is usually a stressful evening for me but loving these wee tips! X

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