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StreamTeamBadgeHey yummy mummy,s and Daddy,s

I am so excited, I can hardly contain myself…

I have been invited to be part of the Netflix #streamteam!

We are already super fans of Netflix in the yummy house hold,  and by being a member of the #streamteam I get to keep you all up-to date with latest releases , latest movie trends and what we are watching…

The fantastic thing about Netflix is that all your viewing favorites are stored in your very own profile .

for example “one yummy daddy” who loves documentaries on music like Keith Richards: Under The Influence or wild life programs  like Planet Earth (2006)

his favorites are stored  for him at the touch of a button in his profile.

When is comes to my little “yum”  her two favorites which are  in her “just for kids profile”  are Bubble Guppies and the  infamous peppa pig … great for some down time after a busy day.

And when I want to chill out myself there’s loads to choose from, like orange is the new black (this got me through my pregnancy, when I went 2 weeks over due) and the amazing documentary fed up which is a film, that focuses on the causes of obesity in the US. Presenting evidence showing that the large quantities of sugar in processed foods are an overlooked root of the problem, … A issue which you know Is close to my heart…

so let the viewing commence ….

Get in touch and let me know what your household are watching!!!


Get messy x Have fun x One yummy mummy x


10 thoughts on “Netflix streamteam

  1. We are huge fans of Netflix in our house too. It’s all that we watch! I’ve been hooked on Gossip Girl and Lamb is obsessed with Paw Patrol. I’d love to be on the Stream Team! Well done xxx

  2. My husband and I have such different tastes in TV – it’s always a bit of a struggle to find something we both want to watch, and we’re between box sets right now. I’ve been wondering about getting Netflix, it might give us a bit more choice!

  3. Congrats Jolene! You are doing so amazing on the blog front. I’m delighted for you & so proud of you too! I’m sorry to report that we don’t have Netflix. Until recently, we had an internet package that only had so much data per month & we thought we’d fly over it with Netflix, or any internet based TV/Movie viewing. Now we have an unlimited package so I should look into it! x

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