Maternity and Infant awards 2015

Maternity and infant Awards best parenting blog winner one yummy mummy

Im not going to lie to you… I won an Award before. I was “most improved pupil ” 1996 in my secondary schools yearly prize giving… I was a bit of a messer at school.. a chatterbox … so if you think that was a shock!!Here we are, almost 20 Years later and I find myself at another awards..The Boots Maternity and Infant awards 2015.

These Awards are a “big deal… There are two sections of the awards, the people awards and the product awards.  The Products celebrate all the fantastic products parents cant live without. From Nappies to buggies.. These give parents a “heads up on what to spend their hard earned cash on… (all the products are tried and tested and put through there paces by parents.  The People awards honor some very inspirational people from all over the  country .. every day people that have done extraordinary things.. going above and beyond the call duty.

This year for the first time there,s an award for “best parenting blog” and I was chuffed just to be nominated. My blog is in its infancy at 7 months old .. so in my head I,m here to enjoy the day. I had the company of the lovely “stuff and nothing” and ” my little babog” two other fantastic parenting bloggers. I said to the girls I’m going to enjoy today just like a family wedding… (maybe i,ll try not so sing and dance on the table tho) but i,ve been looking forward to it for months.

It was 1 pm and I was swigging champagne.. (not a bad start to the day eh..) We took our seats to a live band playing, and our presenters for the day Brian Ormand and Maura Derrane took to the stage. I flicked through my program and counted 60 awards to be presented on the day (and best parenting blog was 59)… I shouldn’t agree to every top up of wine eh… but just like a family wedding I did…

The day actually flew through and I met some really lovely people.. I was having a ball …

It came to that time… and ONE YUMMY MUMMY was announced as best parenting blog… my legs went to jelly as I walked up to collect the Award.. and the rest is pretty much a blur… but I was in total shock!! (still am)12191451_10153663328433194_3678950159408007995_n (1)

The thing about these awards, is that they are completely down to public vote… that means a lot of people took the time and effort to vote for me… I am so grateful

and just like that teacher in “1996” Thank you for believing in me.

Get messy Have Fun One Yummy Mummy x

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  1. Congratulations Jolene! It was so fun reading about your day – I thought I had read & commented on this already, sorry! Your award is so well deserved, you have a fabulous blog here. It was so fun to meet you in person yesterday! x

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