Do Stain removers really work?

Do Stain removers really work

” yum” is almost 2! I cant believe it either… but with being almost 2 there comes a lot of getting messy. My little munchkin is the most independent, self-sufficient determined person I know. I always encourage independence esp when it comes to feeding… but with that comes a lot of stained clothes..

Also when shes playing out in the garden.. I really try and bit my lip to stop my self saying   “don’t get them good clothes dirty”..   Children should be able to enjoy the benefits of playing in the mud outside. Plus ” yum” lives in “hand me downs” (didn’t do me any harm) and when washed in the right wash … with a good stain remover like vanish, (when its needed) the clothes come out like new.

For the purpose of this review I put vanish to the test…

A few months ago we got a present, of a beautiful Spanish dancing dress in the post .( from my amazing Spanish best buddy) This dress is pretty special to us.. and my girlie would wear it every day if she was allowed… The problem is she also loves painting and would do this every day too,,, unfortunately they both don’t mix very well… and I have been trying to get a stain of yellow paint out of the dress for quite a while now…

The Test

I pre treated the stain with the vanish pre treat gel this is so easy to use, you just …..vanish pretreater

do stain removers really work

1. Twist Open
2. Squeeze on stains & rub in circles
3. Let it work for 1-5 minutes
4. Wash as usual

As this item needed a cool wash I put a scoop of Vanish Gold Oxi Action in with the washing powder too…

The results….. the dress came out like new!!!!! One Happy Mummy x And one happy Spanish painter dancer.. girly x

Have fun, get messy x One Yummy Mummydo stain removers really work



 All opinions as always are my own. 

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