A Mothers Prayer

 something a little diffrent with me .. (so bear with me)  As a teenager I loved to write poems.. and this one was floating around my head for a while.. the idea behind it is,    no matter what stage in life you are,  A mother is alway,s worrying and praying  for their family..  its our job isnt it x (I really hope you like it )

Dear lord, I hope your listeninga mothers prayer

I feel a little sick, Im happy that Im pregnant

but PLEASE just make him kick

Dear lord I know your listening

My bundle is now here, He is absolutely perfect

But he,s not drinking now! I fear

Yes he,s finally drinking

Im  just praying that he,ll sleep, He,s been crying for an hour

I hate to hear him weep

Today is his first birthday, Ive got a minor frown,

He hasn’t mastered walking, He just keeps falling down

Thank god  he,s  now walking  a mothers prayer

And the “kick” prayer worked a treat

The thing is he won,t stop

It still hurts with little feet!

My prayers are getting answered

He loves to walk about

In school it,s not allowed tho

Ive heard the teacher shouta mothers prayer

Dear lord I know you hear me

I take back the sleeping prayer

He wont get out of bed now

Teenaged life is just “unfair”

Lord now while Im at it!!!

Undo the drinking plea

He now,s enjoys a swig

And im not talking tea

Dear lord my boy,s an adult

Hes found a partner too

You know I pray for both of them

Whats a mam to do?

Shes got a little bump now

She,s kind of feeling sick

Dear lord I hope your listening

Im  praying for a KICK!!!!!!

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