Read, Feel, Act

I have tried to write this post, so many times,about the events in the past few day,s.. I had it redrafted about 20 times and then this just came to me……

Im Closing my eyes

Changing over the news

On this subject

I have no views

Turning my head

I don’t want to see

Its not on my doorstep

Just let them be

Its not my issue

Don,t get involved

Its a War

It Cant be solved……


An Image! That no words can say…

Is it worse to look , or turn away?

An Image that, you can,t ignore

A little Angel…. washed up on shore….


I should help,,,, we all should help

Let’s help.

Here’s what we all can do:11921868_10155987285730481_3170307497020752374_o

  1. Sign the petition to ask the Irish Government to do more to help. Just click here.  For anyone in the UK you can sign a similiar petition here
  2. There are numerous charities helping the refugees crossing the Mediterranean sea. Please, please donate even a few euro to Medecine Sans Frontieres, Amnesty International, or Trocaire.
  3. Alternatively, if you’d like to be part of a very worthy organised event the Irish Parenting Bloggers have organised a virtual coffee (or tea!) morning – check out and ‘like’ the Facebook Event page here  –  to help raise much needed funds for the Ireland Calais Refugee Solidarity Campaign. On Friday, September 11 just pour yourself a cuppa; go to and make a donation to the fund (we suggest €5 per person but please give what you can) and upload a screenshot of your donation plus a pic of yourself enjoying your cuppa to your Facebook page or other social media channels and tell your followers all about it.  Then just link to this event to encourage your friends and family to take part too.

One Yummy Mummy x

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