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My little yum absolutely loves coloring in. She,s almost 2 now (I cant believe it either)  When im not looking, the crayons can some times end up in her mouth. Most crayons are very small and can be a chocking hazard. So I was delighted when a special package from curious crayons, arrived in the post for her.. and boy was she excited. (I  think there,s something really memorable about getting  a package from the post man, her reaction was “WOW” and started blowing the post man a kiss through the letter box)….

Curious crayons is an Irish business run by mummy Emma . She started Curious Crayons in September 2014, When she  made crayon shapes  from broken crayons and thought it was a fun product for kids to draw and learn with. She is also so helpful and  happy to try and meet any special requirements. (Amazing to deal with) all these crayons are hand made!!!

The pack we received was my little yum,s name with other shapes all packaged in a handy clear pencil case with a tag tied on. The crayons are colourful  really chunky and easy to hold for little fingers. They,re non toxic and help the child  learn shapes and letters. She sat at the table and happily coloured  for ages. When she she was finished colouring she got just as much enjoyment, out of playing with them. At this age children love posting, so she was entertained by taking them  out and putting them back, into the pencil case. (added bonus)wpid-2015-08-22_23.06.26.jpg

Now a days children s birthday,s can be very expensive. That’s why I think this set would make a perfect birthday present. They,re personalised, aid learning and unique ( and what child doesn’t like colouring) So it will be a well loved present. The unbelievable part is that they cost just €10!  Such value for money. You can have a look and order from the curious crayons website  here

There is also a selection of different shaped crayons for  party favours at €2 which is another imaginative idea, for party bags.


Have fun , get messy, one yummy mummy,wpid-2015-08-22_14.41.18.jpg

( all opinions are my own as always.. we really did get hours of enjoyment out of these crayons)

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  1. This is such a great set, I love how the crayons are personalized – you can teach letters & sounds while they are coloring! Lovely review Jolene x

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