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Hey yummy Mummy,s and Daddy,s

Yesterday i was asked to my first launch.. (wow get me) This was to launch a new app, which will take the hassle out of loyalty cards, keeping them all in one place on your smartphone (no need for plastic ones). So I though I would go and have a nosy and pass the info on to you x (and the gorgeous pippa o connor was their)Add a card image 2

Coming from a girl who,s had about 3 boots advantage cards , 1 Dunnes stores card (that was never activated) and a Tesco club key ring, that always seem,s to be stuck in the bottom of my huge handbag, at the checkout (and can never be bothered to tip everything, out and have a route while there,s a huge Que behind me.) this was a fantastic idea.

So what exactly is the POINT of it (get it … see what I did there…) and how much does it cost?

  How it works (in plain and simply terms) is that when shopping, app users simply show the app at the checkout , scan the bar code or enter their card number manually to earn points and rewards.

What Pippa says about the app is ” When I shop, my phone is always in use; photographing great finds and sharing it across my social media pages. The Cardtrix app is a great addition – I can see exactly what points I have earned and can sign up to new loyalty programmes as I shop, so I will never miss out on earning rewards. The Cardtrix app is incredibly easy to use – no need to fumble around my wallet in search of cards anymore, they are now all in one place on the app.” for more information go to

Photo Taken from Pippas instagram…..pippa app pic I am the not so glam blonde with the red buggy… Having a good old natter with app developer Fiachra Woodman.(probably saying something like yeah Pippa,s beautiful but is she happy??? She looks bloody happy!!! ) or appy should i say…..(ok i,ll stop now xxx)Have fun x get messy x one yummy mummy

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