The Top 5 baby tunes (and they’re not what you think)

MI-Vote-for-me-Web-Ads-728x90I love Music I always have. That didn’t change  when I became pregnant. I was sure this baby was going to have a taste for rocklils and acdc music, sure me and her dad love it its in her genes..  So when the first time, I put on a classic rock album, and the response was a wail louder than the lead singer! (not in a good way) I thought ok, this baby isn’t born to rock….

She liked the usual wheels on the bus but it wasn’t getting much reaction. (I was looking for euphoria)

So for the first 6 months of her life. I went on a mission, to find her top favorite tunes.

You know songs she would burst with pure joy when I put them on… she,s almost two and she still loves a boogie to each, and every one of these …   So much so, i had to share.

5, bewitched c’est la vie (is it the Irish dancing? I don’t know, but it gets my girl moving every time) even before she could walk, she was dancing to this.

4, Meghan Trainor all about that base” ok so all that booty shaking might not be age appropriated,, but my goodness she can bop to this one. (shaking her nappy)

3,Simon and Garfunkel, “Cecilia”  (she love,s the vamps version better) as soon as this come,s on she drop,s every thing (the dulpo) and is hooked doing a little swaying dance.

2,Baha Men  “Who Let the Dogs Out” before she could even talk she use to bark at me “woof woof woof” to put this on on

1, taylor swift “shake it of”  this has to be an all time favorite…. which some times ends up with mama and baba dancing like crazy on the living room mat … lils and music

if your having a hard day, feeling a bit down… stressed to the max in the first few months at home with baby.. Try these little golden nuggets,, your will have the best afternoon ever.. guaranteed .

have fun, get messy, one yummy mummy x .

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12 thoughts on “The Top 5 baby tunes (and they’re not what you think)

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  2. Oh All About The Bass and Shake It Off are firm favourite here too and our guy is 2 as well. Every time they come on he has a little dance. Like you I tried and hoped he’d be into the rock music like me but I fear he’s following i his Dad’s footsteps with a penchant for the more popular music. He did love Passenger, Let Her Go when he was a tiny baby and he can’t go to sleep without his bit of classical music on, Pachbel Canon in D is his tune 🙂

    • ah i can really relate Louise x classic fm in our house when we eat…. calms things right down… Shake it off has to be an all time baby classic xx thanks for taking the time to comment x x

  3. I’m so delighted with your list – I clicked over from #happyquacks expecting Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in the top position lol We love those & gangdom style lol

  4. What a fab list…I must try them with S. He sings along to “shake it off” in the car but his all time favourites are “Gangnam style” (he even knows the Korean bits) and more recently “Uptown funk”. Thanks for linking up to #happyquacks xx

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