Mummys Review of chilly Moo

IMG_-nt0iglHey Yummy Mummy,s and Daddy,s

As you know I’m a feeder! In the nicest possible way. I love feeding kids, hiding vegetables and making nutritional food taste good.

When I was asked to review Chilly Moo, a healthy Frozen treat  for children. I thought this is right up my street. (a healthy dessert is were I always struggle) I,ve tried sugarless cupcakes and they just don’t work. Whats the point, if it doesn’t taste good. … here,s were chilly moo comes in.

Chilly Moo is Frozen Yogurt  it comes in 500ml tubs to share and handy little 120ml tubs with a spoon in lid – it,s perfect for eating all by yourself; or  sharing with your little ones. If your a fan of  a luxury ice cream (that could rhyme with len and terry,s)…then  you will be a fan of chilly moo. They come in three flavours, Strawberry, Mixed Berry and an award winning Banana & Strawberry. (My favorite is the strawberry  it,s only 5 syns for 100 gram,s on slimming world) and so worth it.  You don’t have to deny yourself dessert while being healthy. (NO GUILT)

2015-07-04_11.05.11I have to honestly say my little yum loved it. I felt  great giving her a treat that wasn’t full of rubbish.IMG_20150703_103916  (it has a low GI so no crazy sugar highs.) Chilly moo is made by two Irish mums, that speaks volumes to me.(I would trust a mother over any multi billion euro company to feed my child any day) Its got no artificial additives, preservatives or colourings. Not compromising  with the favlour.  Now we can treat ourselves and our smallies with out worrying about the hidden nasties that are in other goodies xxx win win  in my book xx have fun, get messy x oneyummymummy x )I was not paid for this post,  all opinions on Chilly Moo are my own.)

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  2. Sounds fantastic! I haven’t heard of them but will have a look. I’m always on the prowl for healthy foods the kids will enjoy. Thanks for sharing this product with us! x

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