The Tara Binns series book review

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I was so excited when these beautifully illustrated books arrived for review. The rhyming dialog make them easy to read (think the Gruffalo for older kids) but the idea behind them is something really exceptional.

Tara Binns is a girl that has bright ideas and has a kind heart, she does this as a pilot or a crash test genius. Amazing jobs that have in the past only been aimed at boys. She,s not a princess or a fairy, she,s intelligent and solves problems by inventing things. She also show us by taking a different path, you can discover  things you never considered before.  When I finished reading these story’s I felt a bit of a warm fuzzy glow, Ok no I felt empowered.. and i thought this is the kind of children s fiction our girls should familiar with.

But don’t just take my word for it, I went for a second opinion.  Lea is aged 8 and is an expert reader.wpid-wp-1435356795626.jpeg

Leas views on Tara Bins Crash Test Genius

1. I thought it was good because it teaches you what happens with cars befor people buy them. I didn’t know that the cars were tested first.

2, It was a good idea that Tara invented a suit that keeps you safe when you fall

3, I thought boy,s and girls would both love the story

4, The illustrations for the crash test center were cool

5,It made me think that girls could work in a garage.. I never thought of that before.

6, out of ten i would give it 10wpid-wp-1435356805631.jpeg

Lea on Tara Binns Eagle Eye Pilot

1, It was so cool that she appeared on a jumbo jet with molly as her co pilot

2, Tara found treasure but gave it to people that really needed it because their houses were destroyed in a storm. she,s smart and kind

3, I have learned that i could do lots of jobs i never even thought of

4, The drawings of the storm are really good especially of the broken houses.

for more information on Tara Binns to to

Lea also feels that in  the next story could be about Tara being a Wrestling teacher xx

have fun get messy one yummy mummy xx

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