Fathers day / True love

Fathers Day/ True love

On fathers day,  We ended up in the car park of a cemetery. This was totally unplanned. (” yum” decided she,d forgotten how to walk and do the floppy leg thing, while we were out in the park for a stroll (which has a cemetery attached to it). . You know the move,  I call it the toddler jelly legs, making her body so limp Conor Mc Gregor couldn’t lift her…. So we both ended up waiting  in the car until daddy came back.

wpid-wp-1435159610506.jpegThe cemetery was really busy, being fathers day, with loads of comings and goings. Some had flowers, some had fathers day mugs. Just anything really to put at their dad,s graveside to show their love. I was in a daydream when  ” yum”  spotted a white balloon on a piece of string. (she loves balloons and was shouting ballooooooon!)

The  balloon joined a group of white balloons each of them on strings,  at the end of each string, family members of all ages. Each piece of string also had messages attached, with a huge balloon in the middle saying “worlds greatest dad”!!!

I took a deep breath and watched the family  walk together to their father’s graveside. They stood , let the balloons go and clapped…. as their messages floated off to heaven.

At that stage, I was in floods of tears in the car. But my heart was just swelling with pride . For a man, I never met.

What a legacy… to have brought his family together in such a way … it was there and then I
witnessed true love xx


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