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I’m all about cooking real food. Simple food, food our parents were brought up on. Proper food!  Some where down the line we stopped cooking proper food.
We are all so  busy, I get that. But there’s no better way to recoup than sitting down with your family and eating together. The pros out way the con’s by far, and my biggest gripe has to be convenience food for babies! That’s what jarred or pouches of baby food really are.
Baby food is a multi million Euro business. This isn’t about the well-being of our babies, how much nutrition their getting, like advertising portrays (if It was, the baby food companies would be shipping the stuff to the third world  for free)
These company’s like all company’s firstly and foremost want to make money. Simple. How do they do this?
Well  they’re not being entirely honest with us for a start… if you read the label it states “made with baby grade vegetables” what are baby grade vegetables?  Special veggies only grown for our delicate little ones? Not a chance, they’re bloody Scraps! The bruised crap we throw out of the bottom of the fridge every week. The stuff that’s not good enough for the fruit and veg isles. That’s baby grade veg and that’s the good stuff!
Also in the list of ingredients the main ingredient is water… fantastic to drink .. doesn’t have much taste tho eh… and lastly thicken agents and starch.. to bulk up the baby grade junk.. By doing this the little nutrients that are in their are diluted down. Tell me that this is just as good as a home cooked meal.

Ok it may not be doing the babies any harm,, fine!! But what really gets to me, is the claim that this muck is just as good as a home cooked meal.

My final point, is how can something, that has such a long shelf life, claim to be wholesome, hearty and good for our babies? The food its self is older that the kid that’s eating it. Now that’s just wrong on so many levels. We wouldn’t give our kids fast food every day. Its a once in a while thing. When were really stuck for time, or are out and about. That’s when I feel is the time for, convenience baby food. A dig out when we need it. Not on the menu every day.

We as parents make the choices for our kids. the buck lies with us… If you wouldn’t eat it yourself, why give it to your baby. lets make the best choices we can.

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7 thoughts on “Going for a few jars…

  1. Excellent rant Jolene! I couldn’t agree more. Jars and long-dated products aren’t nutritious, they should be used sparingly as a convenience for those evenings if you are stuck. I like your point about if you wouldn’t eat it, don’t feed it to your child! x

  2. Excellent. I completely agree. I think part of the problem is that people don’t realise, I hadn’t thought about it like that until I went to a weaning lecture!

    Thanks for linking with #effitfriday

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