The A to Z of me

So another lovely mummy blogger the cuddle fairy (here she is)!! Tagged me to do this challenge x it’s the A to Z of me xxx It will give you a chance to get to know me a bit better,, out side of my recipes!! (That might help or hinder me) but here goes xx

A , My favorite movie is  Almost famous, and yes before I was a married mummy, I wanted to run off with a rock band.

B, Banjo our beloved dog,, he’s 8 years old and still acts like a puppy!!! He only  responds to ” who’s the baby in this house” my baby in the house “gets a little confused!!!!


C, cooking I love to cook!!! (So you already know that) so emm… let me think…. carry on films   crack me up!!


If that doesn’t make you laugh, you are made of steel!!!! Oh behave..

D, Dancing!!! I love to dance,  until I watched a family members wedding video. I shouldn’t be allowed to dance, I have one dance move, which seems to be, the air guitar that spins around.

E, Eating!!! I love to eat, which is why I got into healthy food!!!


F, Fermanagh, my home county , the place where we grew up camping , with walks on sunny days, beautiful country roads, fishing and swimming in the lakes,, Que little house on the prairie music…  and I’m not wearing rose tinted glasses.!!!!

G, My little Girl!! Known as my little yum, My favourite little person to be around, such a bundle of energy… esp running round in her nappy, red hair flowing, like captain cave woman.. I love being a mummy xxx


H, Henry hippo!! The money box,,, he came to a sad end.. when he bumped into a hammer….

I, In the night garden,,, oh how it’s taking over our lives! Catch the ninky nonk…

J, My Jem doll,, I got the cool one who played bass guitar…


K, Kenny Rodgers... my sister had his tape.. and use to sing coward of the county to me and my cousin,,, Que little house and the prairie music x

L, Liam Gallagher,,, my first true love

M, Mummy blogger!!! Loving it x it’s such such great community xxx

N, Netflix ,,, nothing like a glass of Shariz and a good Netflix documentary, or a good Netflix early 90,s movie,, how did we live with out it,

O, Oasis!! The band,, I just have to listen to 3 lines of a song and it’s 1996 . I’m camping by the lake fishing with Henry hippo,,, (ok Henry had met his maker by then, but how was I meant to buy my oasis tapes!!)

P, Pajamas!! I love them,, I have cleaning ones, visitior ones, good ones for going away for the wknd!!!bringing out the bin ones, (who am I trying to kid I never bring the bin out)

Q, Quarn,,,,,, it’s a word you only use in fermanagh!! I love it!! It’s quarn cold!!!!

R, Rock music!! Me and my husband’s common ground..


S, Saturday!! I love Saturday morning cooking programs,,, which I don’t seem to get to watch any more (look back to I) in the night garden has taking over the telly xx

T, Tea!!! A good cup of tea,,, solves the world problems,,, with plenty of milk tho x

U, umbrella why am I tripping over these every day of the week, until I need one!!! Then I can never find one and end up looking like drowned rat,

V, Vegas baby!!! I’m not a gambler but the place we got married,,, maybe took the biggest gamble ever!! Joking x with so many lovely friends and family with us .


W, WordPress!!! It’s a total minefield to me,,, linkys,  slugs? I don’t really understand it all… but I’m learning and so passionate about being a blogger,, so I,’ll get there,,,

X ,, xXxX as in kisses xXxX I use kisses as full stops xxx

Y, The yoyo ,, they came back into fashion in the early 90s,, fanta sprite and coke ones,, I got hooked for about 3 weeks,,,

Z, zzzzzzzzzz if your still awake after that you deserve a medal!!

Let me know what you think!!! And for tomorrow back to c, the carry on films???? No the cooking xxx have fun x get messy oneyummymummy xxx

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  1. Beautiful post hun, well done thinking of something for each letter – some of them were challenging!! It was lovely to get to know you better. Thank you for accepting the tag xx

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