No more trying to hack up butternut squash

Hey yummy mummy,s and daddies,

This is is just a quick tip todayx (really busy day with my little yum being a bit clingy and teething) When using butternut squash in a recipe, put in the microwave whole with out peeling for 10 mins each side. (20 mins in total) that way it softens and cooks. No need to peel or hack with a knife. Just scoop it out and use.wpid-1429645535256.jpg

This is great for babies weaning!! Also to add to soups even to top with shepherds pie x

Get messy x have fun x oneyummymummy xx

8 thoughts on “No more trying to hack up butternut squash

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  2. What a great idea!!! Will definitely be trying this as I spent ages hacking at one the other day, it almost got thrown out as I got so stressed with it!! xx

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